CoVid-19 Travel Guidelines and Requirements

CoVid-19 Travel Safety Guidelines and Requirements

Dress Code

We ask that our guests be comfortable in whatever they choose to dress in, but we do ask that whatever you choose to wear falls under the formal dress code, or black-tie optional.

For Men: Barong, Tuxedo/ Dark suit

For Ladies: Floor length evening dress


You are most welcome to stay as long or short as you like. The hotel has kindly offered to extend the preferential rates for the duration of your stay (trust us, you won’t want to leave).

The only variable we would ask you to consider is that there are ongoing developments on travel restrictions, testing, flight delays, missed flights, and or flight cancellations can happen, so if it is feasible for you to do so, please try not to cut it too close to the wedding day, as we really want you to be with us on our wedding day!

Flight Search

There are a number of ways to get to and from Boracay Island, Philippines.

Direct routes available from the US is with Philippine Airlines from various cities in California, or other options are to Cebu to Caticlan or Singapore to Caticlan. Tickets booked within 4 months usually cost around $600-$1,200 roundtrip and the journey will take between 15-24 hours depending on which way you are flying and how many stops you have in your flight. If you can book 6 months in advance, you may be able to get a roundtrip flight with PAL for $500 flying out of the West Coast.

As a tip, we found that searching for flights from your home city to Manila or Cebu yields better results with lower costs rather than searching for flights directly to Boracay.

    For example, a flight search from Phoenix, AZ to Caticlan might show for $4000, but when you search for flights from Phoenix to Manila, it might show flights at $700.

There are more than 10 non-stop flights leaving Manila or Cebu everyday to Caticlan and those flights cost around $60-$80 (from Manila) or $30-$40 (from Cebu) depending on the airline (Cebu Pacific or Philippine Air).

For those looking to price and compare flights, we would suggest looking on There you can find flights through various airlines with stopovers. Those stopovers can range between 1-6 hours and the length of the stop over will usually affect the price of the ticket. 

October is off peak season and some airlines release last minute offers while some release the low prices well over 8 months in advance.

If you plan to stay in Manila before heading to Boracay or after the wedding, we suggest getting hotels in Makati City or hotels in Newport City right next to the airport.

Checkout the FAQs tab for more information on how to get from Manila to Boracay Island

How to get there

Boracay is a small island south of Manila. Getting there requires different modes of transportation: by air, by land and by sea.

Coming from Manila, there are two routes to choose from:

a. Manila to Caticlan (via Philippine Airlines / Cebu Pacific / Air Asia) – 45-minutes from Manila on an Air Bus plane. Flights leave at hourly intervals from Manila to the Caticlan airport.

b. Manila – Kalibo – Caticlan (via Air Asia / Cebu Pacific / Philippine Airlines –
Air lines include Boeing 747 or Airbus A320 in their fleets) – a 45 minute flight from Manila and a 2-hour land transfer from Kalibo to Caticlan. Private vans for hire and air conditioned buses are available (no pre-booking required, can be arranged on arrival in Kalibo).

We highly recommend booking directly to Caticlan, since transfers will be far less painful!

Manila International Airport to Caticlan Airport
Arrival Logistics

Caticlan is a jump-off point to Boracay from the Jetty Port. Public bancas (small motorized
boats) from the jetty port transport passengers to the centralized boat station on the island
and this takes about 10 minutes. Boats run every five minutes and are on a first-come
first-serve basis.

Private boat transfers from the port direct to your resort can be arranged through your hotel or our coordinator, Amanda Tirol.

It is best to change into slippers/sandals at the jetty port for your comfort and in anticipation of the beach.

Choosing flight route depends on your preferences; here are the THINGS to consider:

a. Via Caticlan – flying straight to Caticlan airport saves time, as it is directly on the
Jetty Port. However, the airfare is usually higher than via Kalibo. Also, during bad
weather conditions flights are rerouted to Kalibo for safety reasons.

b. Via Kalibo - flying to Kalibo will need you to transfer to Caticlan via land with 2
hours travel time. Ticket cost is usually cheaper.

Most hotels arrange airport transfers and therefore it is much better to avail it at a little extra cost rather than experience stress and hassles on your trip. We can also
arrange this for you at a cheaper rate.

Southwest Transfers’ Rate:

From Kalibo Airport to hotel – P 1,700 per person round trip
From Caticlan Airport to hotel – P 1,400 per person round trip

Private Van:

Kalibo Airport to Jetty Port – P1500 per van per way, maximum of 8 persons considering

Private Boat:

Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay Port – P800 for first 5 persons in excess P50 per head per
way (Day Rate) There will be night difference after 5PM.
If you want to travel on your own, please see below rates: ($1 = 53 PHP)

• P150 to P200 per person - Public Van one-way from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty
Port (1.5-2 hours travel time)
• P60 to 100 – Tricycle fare from Caticlan airport to Caticlan Jetty Port (10-15 minutes
travel time)
• Public boat at P25 per person from Caticlan port to Boracay port or fast craft at P35
to P70 one-way
• Boracay port to your hotel at P150 per tricycle but if you want to share with the
other passengers its P20 to P30 per person.


At the Caticlan Jetty Port, there are uniformed porters to help you with your luggage. The going rate for porters is Php 20.00 per piece of luggage. Always have small change


Kalibo Airport Terminal Fee – Php 200
Caticlan Airport Terminal Fee – Php 200
Jetty Port Terminal Fee – Php 75
Environmental Fee – Php 100


How much is the cost of transportation in Manila/Boracay?

Manila  -There are a lot of taxi scams in Manila so we do not recommend this method of transportation. It's best to use the app Uber or Grab app. From the airport to Makati city depending on the day and time, grab/uber charges P150 - P350 ($3-$7). If you happen to be in a hurry and can't wait for uber/grab, use metered taxis!

Boracay- The island transportation is mainly by tricycle or eco trikes. Flagging down roving tricycles will
cost P10 per person during the day and P20 per person during the night. Parked “trikes”
can be hired for private use from P60 – P150 per trip, although expect to negotiate on
the price especially at night.
Conversion rate is ~50PhP/1USD



Please feel free to reach out to our wedding planner, Amanda Tirol, and her team for any questions on travel logistics or accommodations:
Globe: ‎‎+63 917 5396220
Smart: ‎‎+63 998 9885962

Do I need a visa to enter The Philippines?

Visas to enter the Philippines are not required for some nationalities (e.g American, British, Australian etc) for tourist or business stays up to 30 days.

What to pack

The dress code is the island very casual, day and night. Mostly you will walk and stand on sand, even in many restaurants. Sandals, flip-flops, comfortable shoes and casual clothes are advisable.

For our pre-wedding events, Resort Casual is recommended - with the exception of the Wedding Rehearsal, at which we are hoping for Beach Chic.

We're getting married on a garden and celebrating indoors; feel free to dress in "Island Formal," i.e. whatever you feel the most comfortable dancing in.